What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services is abbreviated as AWS. It is an Amazon-provided, totally secure, and fast-evolving cloud computing platform. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and packaged software as a service (SaaS) are all available. It offers services in the form of components that can be utilized to create and run cloud-based applications. It provides cloud computing services on a pay-as-you-go basis.


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You can use AWS to perform the following tasks:


-You can run dynamic sites using programs and a webserver.

-It allows you to save all of your data on the cloud, where they can be accessed from anywhere.

-It employs managed databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQL servers to store data.

-Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), it is feasible to distribute dynamic and static data globally in a short amount of time.

-You can send bulk emails to your clients.

AWS provides a variety of services that are divided into several areas, such as storage, compute databases, messaging tools, management tools, migration, network and security, content delivery, and identity.


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The following are some of the benefits of studying for and earning an AWS certification: AWS certification training can help you gain a better grasp of and abilities in the most cutting-edge cloud technology. Some of the reasons why you should study and become certified with AWS are stated below:

AWS is the world's fastest-growing cloud service. AWS career options come with a variety of pay scales. AWS skills were the most sought-after abilities in 2015. AWS is accessible at a low cost and includes a free training tier. Enterprise Cloud Migration to AWS Has Increased. Job prospects for AWS Solutions Architect: AWS certified solution architect is currently one of the most in-demand jobs in the IT industry. Typically, a solution architect is a member of the solution development team who is in charge of translating functional needs into architectural requirements.

The phrase "solution architect" in the context of AWS refers to someone who is in charge of planning and establishing the AWS architecture for present systems, then transitioning them to cloud architectures, as well as developing technical blueprints to lead future AWS cloud deployments. AWS presently has roughly 47% of the market, and the majority of businesses use it. As a result, businesses are looking for AWS Certified professionals. There are expected to be more chances in this field in the future. The graph below demonstrates how the number of job postings for an AWS Solutions Architect increases year after year.


AWS Solution Architect job titles include:

The following are the job titles for AWS Solution Architects.

-Software Developer

-DevOps Professionals

-System Administrators

-Network Administrators

-Solution Programmers or architects

-AWS Technical Support

All developers should have the basic skills that an AWS solution architect should have. He must be familiar with BASH scripting and be able to code in Python, JavaScript, Java, and C++, especially if he is working in the field of Serverless architectures, where fluency in any of the four languages is required. Furthermore, an AWS solution architect must have prior network experience in the cloud. You will be able to strengthen your skills as a system administrator or network administrator.


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AWS Certifications:


We offer industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) training in Pune to help you land your dream job. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) course in Pune will provide you with hands-on experience working with the world-class Amazon Web Services infrastructure, which is utilized by some of the world's largest companies. You can learn about AWS cloud infrastructure, Software as a Service, and best practices for designing, planning, and expanding the AWS platform. The requirements for passing the AWS Certification Solutions Architect exam are covered in detail throughout this course.

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